We've made some important updates to SliderWall 1.0
November 25, 2011 12:08PM
1. Updated SliderWall to support jQuery 1.7.

2. Updated the examples from the download package to use jQuery 1.7.

3. Fixed several bugs, mainly occurring in Internet Explorer 9.

4. Optimized interaction with touch devices:
- tap once to show the controls (if they were hidden)
- second tap on slide opens the associated URL (target_url)
- second tap on controls executes the desired action (slide navigation)
- when using the alpha or slide effect, use fast consecutive swipe gestures to quickly navigate through multiple slides

5. You no longer have to wait for the end of Alpha and Slide transition effects to navigate to a different slide (the rest of the effects use HTML canvas and must stop before navigating to a different slide) - you can use fast consecutive clicks or tap gestures to quickly navigate through the slides.

6. The thumbnail images will display only when the corresponding slide has already been created (for object and html slides) and only after the corresponding large image has been completely loaded (for image slides).

7. Changed the behavior of SliderWall so that the selected effects will not be applied on the first slide - the first slide will always appear instantly without any effects.

8. Added a new parameter - pauseOnMouseOver:Boolean (default false) - to pause the slideshow when the mouse is over the slider or when a tap action is performed on the slider surface.

9. Added a new parameter - disableAutohideOnMouseOver:Boolean (default false) - to keep the slider controls displayed while the mouse is over the slider, regardless of the autoHideControlBar, autoHideText and autoHideNavButtons values.

10. Changed the default value for the controlsHideDelay parameter from 2 seconds to 5 seconds.

11. The items lists for the HorizontalList and VerticalList templates now accept swipe left/right actions for item page navigation. The VerticalList template also accepts swipe up/down actions to navigate the items list using vertical slide.

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