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Non-commercial license

You should get the Non-commercial license ONLY if you are going to use this product for non-commercial projects.
If you plan to use this product to create content for a website/project that will generate ANY type of income, you should get a commercial license instead.


You should get a commercial license if you are going to use SliderWall for any kind of commercial projects.

Inside the pack

The SliderWall package contains the four JavaScript templates (Bullets, Thumbs, HorizontalList and VerticalList) together with the version of jQuery available at the time of release - version 1.6.4. The package also contains the default skin and a second demo skin for each template. The skins are presented as image slideshow examples.


SliderWall was developed to work on all HTML5 and CSS3 supporting browsers, including the latest Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Opera and Internet Explorer 9+ browsers.
It works on mobile devices such as iOS and Android-enabled smartphones and tablets.

JavaScript must be enabled in your browser for SliderWall to work.
SliderWall is compatible with jQuery version 1.6+.


- 15 cool transitions
- Touchscreen support
- Gestures/keyboard/mouse
   navigation support
- SEO friendly
- HTML content support
- RSS feed support
- Auto-play option
- Loop content
- Hide/show controls
- Optimized for iDevices
- Randomize transitions
- Selectable content
- Image align and scale mode
- Video support
- Thumbnails navigation
- List navigation (examples
   included inside the
   download pack)
- Auto-hide captions
- High customizable control
   bar (thumbnails, paging,
   background, autohide,
- Show/hide navigation
- Show/hide timer
- Events and callback support


If you need to embed SliderWall in an app that allows users (3rd party / non-SliderWall customers) to edit and create their own sliders, you have to get an OEM license instead of a developer/site license.

if you have questions about the OEM License