multiple instances
November 17, 2011 03:05AM
i'm having a heck of a time using multiple instances of *differently* styled sliderwalls on the same page. The css definitions are conflicting in a bad way.

Is there an example of multiple instances, please?

I'm using a vertical wall, and a horizontal wall simultaneously.
Re: multiple instances
November 18, 2011 01:11PM
If you want to use two galleries in the same page you will need to set cssClassSuffix.

liderWall uses a set of CSS rules to display information, rules that have specific names. If you would like to use two or more instances of SliderWall on the same HTML page, all instances would use the same CSS rules, thus having the same look and behavior. To avoid this, add a suffix at the end of those CSS rules that apply to a SliderWall instance (the same suffix for all the CSS rules of single SliderWall instance). To let SliderWall know that it should use another set of CSS rules, simply specify the suffix you've added by setting the cssClassSuffix property.

Example: In order for you to have an image slideshow on your HTML page and header rotator, both using SliderWall, you would need a different design for these elements. In this case, it is recommended to use one set of CSS rules for the image slideshow (the first SliderWall instance) and a different set of CSS rules for the header rotator. You could leave the default CSS names for the image slideshow and add the suffix _hr (header rotator) for the CSS names used by the header rotator. So, instead of the default names (.sw_container, .sw_text_background, .sw_title, .sw_description and so on...) you would have (.sw_container_hr, .sw_text_background_hr, .sw_title_hr, .sw_description_hr and so on...).
See an example here: []
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